Adore Me incorporates carbon impact into design

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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Adore Me Interior
Adore Me is tracking carbon throughout the product life cycle.

A digitally native intimates brand known for its inclusive sizing and body positivity is taking sustainability into account from step one.

Adore Me is partnering with Carbonfact, provider of a data platform that enables designers to incorporate carbon impact into the design process from the beginning. As a result, Adore Me can conduct a Dynamic Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) throughout its product mix and identify key levers, from raw material to supplier selection, to reduce carbon emissions from its product life cycle.

The company’s designers and production team can now model products and optimize every step of an item’s life cycle, from raw material selection to material processing techniques, manufacturing, distribution, and use. Adore Me, which was purchased by Victoria’s Secret & Co. in December 2022, intends for this heightened visibility into the split of carbon emissions throughout a product's life cycle to brings it closer to its goal of reducing its scope 3 carbon footprint by 20% in 2025, and achieving net zero carbon status by 2050.

"Tracking carbon footprint and decarbonizing are two of the biggest hurdles fashion brands face, as classic carbon accounting can take weeks or even months, and cost upwards of $15,000," said Romain Liot, COO at Adore Me. "Historically, there's also been limited data available on the carbon impact that various materials have and a lack of standardization for sustainability measurement and reporting. This presents a major roadblock for retailers who manage ever-evolving product portfolios, making affordable and sustainable fashion a far-fetched goal for most. Carbonfact has made this goal attainable by democratizing and automating the LCA process, and we're proud to be one of their first major partners on the path to decarbonizing the fashion industry."

"Historically, fashion brands could only work with consultants to conduct LCAs, but the process oftentimes proved to be static and not holistic," said Marc Laurent, co-founder and CEO of Carbonfact. "As a team, we compiled our expertise in fashion LCA, engineering and data science to turn the apparel & footwear LCA methodology into software, allowing companies to model out product-level changes on their environmental trajectory by offering them a high-resolution view of their scope 3 emissions. Adore Me's vision and mission for democratizing more sustainable fashion aligns with our values, and we're thrilled to partner with them on its journey."

Founded in 2011 as an online lingerie startup, Adore Me is a direct-to-consumer lingerie and apparel brand serving women of all sizes and budgets. As of December 2022, Adore Me joined the Victoria's Secret & Co brand portfolio.