Allbirds obtains real-time supply chain visibility

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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Allbirds is revamping its supply chain enterprise management.

A digitally native sustainable footwear brand is streamlining its supply chain operations.

San Francisco-based Allbirds , which was was founded online and has since opened approximately 60 stores across the globe, is rolling out the Anaplan supply chain platform (with implementation services from Columbus Consulting) to streamline supply chain workflows, including demand planning and forecasting, inventory planning and merchandise and materials management. 

By leveraging Anaplan for supply chain planning, the retailer, which in 2022 reduced logistics costs in the U.S. by transitioning to automated distribution centers and a dedicated returns processor, also hopes to better optimize its inventory and spend management processes, such as managing allocations and replenishment across its distribution centers and stores. Ultimately, the company hopes to save time in its planning cycles, reduce excess or unnecessary costs and increase forecast accuracy.

Previously, Allbirds managed its demand and inventory planning in static spreadsheets. The company identified priorities to drive more collaboration, reduce inventory carrying costs and increase profitability in its supply chain. Now, Allbirds will have a single “source of truth” for all relevant supply chain data, including historical trends to real-time market signals, in real time.

With the implementation, Allbirds is obtaining real-time visibility and flexibility up and down its supply chain, with the goal of gaining the ability to pivot quickly in response to unplanned demand changes. 

“Like the entire retail industry, Allbirds has been impacted by recent economic changes that have challenged us to rethink how we can operate faster and with greater effectiveness,” said Joe Vernachio, COO at Allbirds. “When we learned how similar retailers have leveraged Anaplan successfully to transform financial planning and analysis, it not only gave us confidence in the team, it allowed us insight into the potential value Anaplan could have in our own business, from optimizing key processes to helping us unlock more market opportunity.”

“Allbirds disrupted the footwear space by combining fashion with sustainability at a consumer-friendly price point, and the company’s impressive journey is still in its early stages,” said Karen Clarke, managing director, Americas, Anaplan. “Taking the critical step to modernize supply chain planning will help the business scale effectively, especially in today’s landscape.”

“Our team specializes in identifying retailer needs and providing value-driven solutions,” said Tom Phelps, Columbus Consulting partner. “The Allbirds project allowed us to seamlessly introduce Allbirds to the Anaplan solution to help them transform their inventory and demand planning.”