Mall of America augments security officers with smart cameras

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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Mall of America exterior source Business Wire
Mall of America is enhancing its security infrastructure (Photo: Business Wire).

Mall of America is upgrading its legacy security camera system.

The nation’s largest mall is deploying intelligent cameras from Axis Communications throughout its physical environment and also attached to its security personnel. Working with integration partner Collins Electrical Construction Co., Mall of America has equipped security officers with Axis "body worn" cameras designed to capture their surroundings for suspicious activity.

The mall also has also placed an array of Axis surveillance cameras – including the Axis Q63 PTZ Camera Series, Axis M50 PTZ Camera Series, and Axis P37 and P47 Panoramic Camera Series –  to monitor its parking areas, public spaces, and entrances.

Through those cameras, behavioral analysts observe large mall crowds for concerning activity, and the officers from the Bloomington, Minn. police department assigned to the mall respond to incidents as needed. The Axis cameras are integrated into Mall of America’s Genetec video management system.

“Bringing our comprehensive surveillance and security system into modern times with the addition of Axis cameras has only made our operations stronger and more efficient,” said Will Bernhjelm, VP of security for Mall of America. “There are so many different environments within Mall of America, and the new cameras provide us with the advanced features and flexibility we need to meet each area’s unique surveillance challenges.”

In addition, the mall houses Axis’ Greater Minneapolis Area Axis Experience Center (AEC) via The Offices @ MOA, where it tests security solutions such as Axis analytics like loitering detection, object classification, and people counting; as well as devices like Axis horn speakers, thermal cameras, and radar detectors.

“We are proud of the role Axis has played in helping Mall of America enhance its safety, security, and overall customer experience,” said Karl Radke, Midwest business area director at Axis. “Surveillance devices are becoming more advanced with each passing year, putting valuable new resources in the hands of security teams. When it comes to securing large, high-volume locations like MOA, those advanced systems aren’t just nice to have—they play an essential role in keeping visitors protected. We look forward to continuing our work with MOA to advance crucial mall operations with intelligent surveillance technologies.”

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