Mathis Home launches third-party online marketplace

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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Mathis Home is expanding its online assortment.

One of America’s largest independent furniture retailers is directly connecting third-party sellers to its customers.

Mathis Home is rolling out Mathis Marketplace, an online home furnishings marketplace featuring a curated selection of products from third-party sellers, as well its existing collections. Mathis Marketplace runs on the Mirakl SaaS-based enterprise marketplace technology platform, and Merkle supported its implementation.

Its new marketplace will allow Mathis Home to rely on the distributed catalogs and logistics of hundreds of third-party sellers. The retailer intends to leverage the marketplace platform’s capabilities to rapidly fulfill customer orders and ensure availability of products.

Mathis Home also intends to significantly expand the assortment of products it offers customers with its new online marketplace. The company is partnering brands including Surya to grow beyond furniture and mattresses into new categories such as baby, kitchen and home organization.   

Online marketplaces grow in popularity

Department store retailer Macy’s Inc. also recently unveiled a new digital marketplace, running on a Mirakl enterprise marketplace technology platform that has been customized by Macy’s digital, merchant and technology teams.

Canadian department store retailer Hudson’s Bay has also partnered with Mirakl to launch its own online third-party sales platform, Marketplace. eBay, Amazon, and Walmart have long been the leading retailers offering this type of curated e-commerce platform connecting third-party sellers to their customers. Retailers including Kroger and Chipotle have taken steps toward opening U.S. online marketplaces.

Meanwhile, Walmart has expanded its Walmart Marketplace offering through partnerships with e-commerce platforms such as BigCommerce and Shopify.

“Our ultimate goal in launching this marketplace is to expand the ways in which we serve our customers,” said Rit Mathis, chief marketing officer at Mathis Home. “The Mathis Marketplace offers us the chance to seamlessly collaborate with third-party sellers, and identify those who offer the best products for our loyal customer base. Over time, we expect to offer selections in-store from the most successful third-party vendors as well, ensuring that all Mathis Home shoppers have access to the most sought-after home goods.”

“Home goods have played a pivotal role in the tremendous growth of e-commerce over the past few years, and Mathis Home has now cemented its position as one of the home furnishing industry’s digital leaders,” said Adrien Nussenbaum, co-founder and co-CEO of Mirakl. “Mathis Home recognized the urgency and opportunity in delivering an expanded assortment of home goods to customers at scale, providing a seamless experience across their online marketplace and brick-and-mortar locations. This is a critical moment for the furniture industry, and we expect other retailers to quickly take notice.”

There are 34 Mathis-brand locations in the U.S., including Mathis Home, Design Studio, Mathis Outlet, Mathis Sleep, LZB, and Ashley stores.