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Spencer Shute is senior consultant at Proxima, a Chicago- and London-based strategic team of supply chain and procurement specialists with over 25 years of experience.



Expert Opinion: UPS strike would cost U.S. economy billions —per day

The UPS Teamsters negotiations process has certainly drawn a lot of attention with theatrics on both sides as the deadline is now just two weeks away.

Insight: Supply Chain Protected From Layoffs

Tech layoffs are dominating the headlines with cuts from major companies including Meta, Amazon, Cisco and Twitter due to attempts to save costs.

Commentary: What to expect as risk of rail freight strike increases

The impacts of the strike remain unchanged, with the likelihood of a strike occurring and the pressure on Congress to intervene have both increased.

Expert Commentary: Update on U.S. ports

Port congestion around the U.S. is continuing to cause issues with the global supply chain.

Port Congestion: Going 24/7 is necessary but short-term fix

The port blockages in LA are part of a chain of events that near inevitably ends up with Americans paying higher prices because goods can’t arrive on shelves fast enough.