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Success in Site Selection: Using Consumer Behavior Data to Reduce Risk

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Many retailers require a hefty investment to open a new location. We’re talking $1M+ type of hefty. On top of that, success is still not always guaranteed.

With so much on the line, site selection is a critical decision – one that can’t be left to guesswork or outdated rules. Today, more and more retailers are trusting powerful consumer behavior data to get them the results and the growth they’re seeking. And it’s paying off.
On March 16th, join Cate Zovod, VP Product & Industry Marketing at Near, to learn:

  • The goals, the challenges, and the data behind two expansion success stories
  • Why consumer behavior data is key to informing site selection (plus other use cases)
  • How you can get started with consumer behavior data to inform site selection and other strategic business decisions